How it all began

Written in this page is usually business models, market strategies and possible future stories. That is very little about who we are and a lot, maybe too much, about who we want to be. TrueInChain was founded by 3 young minds with a common goal: for society to go back to its roots of truth and certainty. For those of us that feel this way this “backwards” society is very hard to live in. The idea was born in one of Milan's beautiful parks, by Marco and Nicolò, in the winter of 2017. Why the name TrueInChain? Music has always been with us, so we took inspiration from the grunge band Alice in Chains to emphasize how truth is now in chains.

A dream made reality

It's only through Marco's creativity, Nicolò's technical skills and talent with the addition of Lorenzo's healthy amount of madness that this dream became reality. The idea was very simple: why do the journalists and create and spread fake news not get punished? We forget about them far too quickly, of those that help spread “fake truth” like wildfire. Our initial enthusiasm quickly grew as the days passed and we felt more and more like a real team of “fake news hunters”. With the blockchain we'll be able to chain up all the fake news that have been uncovered. The hunt has just begun, our community needs you!

We're serious about this. Let's STOP fake news

In this age of fake information there is still no real way to fight back against fake news and the people that spread them. That's where we come in by giving you easy and accessible methods that allow you to track fake news with the click of a button. By creating a community with a focus on debunking we'll be able to combine the forces and knowledge of everyone, up until now scattered throught the net, into a unique and powerful entity. We'll use a system of incentives and rewards for debunkers that choose to help the project and together we'll make the lives of creators and spreaders of hoaxes much harder.

Debucking, nothing else

In this “mare magnum” of information it's very easy to lose track of the source of fake news. There doesn't exist a scoring system and the news published can be modified at any time. Here comes the blockchain, our project's major strength, that makes news verifiable and immutable. It's hard to explain in a few lines TrueInChain's body and soul. This is just the beginning of a long journey made of multiple steps, that will take the shape of an innovative start-up. We're young and a bit crazy, and it's exactly this craziness that makes us believe it's possible to fight for “true” free information and that it's also possible to be innovative entepreneurs in our country starting from an idea, a very beautiful idea. But we need the support of those that believe in this with us.


Founder & Project Leader

Meet Our Team

I'm a journalist and I'm interested in current politics, globalization and digital anthropology (which means I'm interested in understanding how propaganda affects the human psyche and how our choices change to reflect it).

I went to a linguistic high school and graduated in European Economics at Rome's “Tor Vergata” university. I initially wanted to join one of the European institutions, but I realized that I couldn't because Europe itself was the problem.

I currently live in Milan.

I work for the IASSP Institute which focuses on training aimed at companies and young leadership graduates.

How it works

As you probably know, fake news have invaded and polluted the normal news feed to a degree that it is almost impossible to distinguish what is fake and what isn't. What this does is create doubts and confusion about everything we read, especially online. With TrueInChain you now have the tools to report news you consider to be fake. This is really easy to do: just insert the link for the fake news, explain with comments or an attached file why you think the news to be “fake” and press send! The rest is up to us.


Do you hate hoaxes? Does your blood start to boil whenever you see fake news spread like wildfire on the Internet? Do you understand the danger of viral and unchecked information? If you do then become a serial debunker and unmask everything that is fake and anti-science! Debunkers have one job: tracking down and dismantling lies and hoaxes to prove the unreliability of their contents and sources.


Tired of the poor results achieved by Tech companies in trying to unmask fake news via Machine Learning we have decided to create a community specifically to fact-check and analyze everything reported by our Debunkers as accurately as possible! It's not enough to point out hoaxes to fight them, verifying every possible detail is necessary too (as everyone should do before pressing the share button). If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to tell us! Your feedback is extremely helpful!


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