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Vis united fortior. The united strength is stronger, says a Latin saying. At every stage of the development of our project, we were sure of one thing: the most important value is, was and will be our community. We broaden the context, we reach as many people as possible, we disrupt the mechanisms of reiteration. Who's afraid of fake news?


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Being part of TinC - Debunker Italia will give access to constant training, with contents and tools to hinder «false newsmaking». The buffaloes were allowed to be the holders of false truths, now it's up to us to put them back in their place.

Information, truth, reliability, authority are words mistreated by the growing diffusion of false news. Their meaning has been constantly diminished to the point of making its content secondary. Post-truth means this: living in a condition where facts no longer matter, are a negligible detail if not annoying. It was necessary to create a neologism to try to define the extent of a phenomenon that involved every aspect of society, with its consequences: we are the world of post-truth (post-truth politics, post-truth society, post-truth was). The characteristics of the Net have been incredibly favorable in this "going beyond the truth": the transition from post-truth to the truth of the posts has been direct, with a lot of hoaxes, false statements and artfully amplified, anti-scientific or dubious interpretation. How was it possible to reach this point?

When the actors of manipulation become the media, things get complicated and the balance is broken. Manipulating people's opinions, beliefs and emotions is never an "innocent" act. The disintermediation processes implemented by the digital have further confused the communication field. Thanks to the internet, each of us, competent or incompetent, was able to have his say. This proved to be viral: everyone, INDISTENTLY, can produce, comment, share, modify (and therefore falsify) and multiply "news" that is always available. The good news is that the discourse on truth becomes ever more present. The debunker is one of the few voices out of the chorus able to dig into the news to verify the reliability of the sources and the veracity of the content. But those who struggle for the reaffirmation of this need must not remain isolated and scattered, otherwise they will continue to play the game of those who manufacture and disseminate buffaloes.


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